Like striking out the pitcher

This was initially going to be about the guy who played Dr. McCoy on Star Trek died a couple of years ago and nobody was appropriately respectful of his passing. Then I realized that I wasn’t sure if he had actually died so we went back to the drawing board. Why are you dressed like that. Stop it. I had medium-sized plans for a long post about how Jim Nantz/Billy Packer almost gave me congential heart defects yesterday simply by being dumb but we don’t hate, we appreciate here, at least for the next five to ten minues. I have to make some kind of list of information about regional pool tours; I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing, exactly. That’s not right. I have some idea but I could probably gnaw that idea down a bit. Also, respect my sports prognostication gangster, I am one University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign national semi-final victory away from claiming victory (or half-victory, because I have a stakehorse) in the L___ P_____ office pool. I have to go now. Did anybody else see that shit where they found a Japanese submarine with folding bombers in it from WWII and the bombers were for filling with bubonic plague rats to drop on America. apparently the alternate plan was to just build a big ramp in Tijuana and shoot old people with rabies into San Diego on big skateboards why the fuck am I wasting my time. I keep waking up early.

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