You might try accepting Jesus Christ as your savior

Not my best few days ever; i figured getting a small paycheck would make me feel better and it didn’t, since I had to give most of the small paycheck to cingular, who are wankers, and then there is just a line of other companies waiting to ask me for large portions of future paychecks. This is what happens. Anyway, I’ve been making a list of small self-improvement projects in the spirit of James Gatz but I keep getting severly disrailed by failing to even superficially obeying several or all of the items on the list. Mostly the list consists of “1. Find more reliable sources of income” “2. Develop rewarding relationship with Great Spirit” “3. Spend less of what little money you have on intoxicants”. “4. Write original and moving pieces of fiction.” Now I’ve had to dial things back to like “1. Don’t sleep all day” “2. Try to read something, if you can.” “3. Do not eat entire package of sauerkraut.” I’ll bounce back, especially if my new plan comes through, which is to sabotage one of the elevators at work, get it in it, get hurt, and then sue the building management company. Maybe I shouldn’t talk about this too loud.

On a related note, (I apologize for the banal quotidian rants about personal etiquette. You asked for it?) why the fuck can’t I walk from floor to floor in this goddamn building unless there’s a fire? I mean, is walking up or down stairs really as undesirable as a fire that threatens the building? That said, you are allowed to walk from floors 13-16 freely. that said, why do people insist on getting off at their specific floor in the elevator. Say you work on floor 14 and you get on and floors 13, 15, 16 have already been pressed. Why not just get off at 13 and walk up one flight, or get off at 15 and walk down one flight? You will get there at the exact same time, and you will not enrage the people waiting to get to 15 or 16. Am I belligerent or do I have a point here. I think these are not mutually exclusive. I don’t care anymore. I want to be spending more of my time working on my bracket or sleeping or writing about Stan Van Gundy and i am doing none of those things right now.

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