Vo ist Jones

I’m having a hard time deciding which Van Gundy brother is a more viable framework for a story about the death of love. I have to get out of bed now, against my will. Does anybody know how to get a list of basically every important baseball stat from last year in comma delimited form so i can make a spreadsheet. Please for me. Also important: they disinterred Lee Harvey Oswald in 1981 and sawed his head off and placed a piece of tape on the skull that was like a nametag. Then I went to the office this morning and the girl who I think is cute that works in the glass-walled legal staffing firm in the lobby, she looked like Lee Harvey Oswald.

One thought on “Vo ist Jones”

  1. Both V. Gundys are clearly very significant figures in the history of love, but I don’t see why either one of them should be left out of the other’s story, so it’s not really a choice you have to make. personally, I find the anecdote of JVG’s car being destroyed by an airplane to be by far the most compelling white nba coach- and love-related anecdote in my personal purview.

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