Crushed by Satellite Dish

So I went ahead and made this piece more attractive. My next project is to prepare a Frederic Remington-style scultpure of a man on a Segway about to be hung by a vigilante mob, and then photograph it, and then use that photograph for the cover of issue 2 of the Journal of Speculative Celebrity Fiction. It might be easier just to draw the sculpture, or to leave out the sculpture angle completely. Anyway, please to enjoy the new phenotype and bark at me, please, bark at me, we will have a nice conversation.

6 thoughts on “Crushed by Satellite Dish”

  1. You never close the <a> tag that links the top image on the page, therefore every single element for the rest of the page is linked to the homepage. It’s quite annoying.

    But otherwise, the site looks very nice.

  2. thanks for the dime alex, i think it the problem is fixed now, al. i dig the mistakesports blog personally, i only just disicovered ed it last week. are you in chicago or cleveland?

  3. Hi, this is Corey, Alex’s brother. I’m the one in Chicago. I was thrilled to see the message you posted on our blog the other day. If you want to meet up sometime, such as next Tuesday, I’m all for it. Try e-mailing me. ckrubin at gmail dot com.

  4. Thanks for the link Pete. Technically, I’m in New York at NYU. But I still “live” in Cleveland seeing as that I don’t have an apartment or anything in New York. What do you think about the departure of Browns legends Big Money and (likely) DeFrost?

    Donald A. Thomas is the greatest American patriot that has ever lived.

  5. donald a. thomas was actually my pick for Browns GM, although I suppose you could make the argument that Phil Savage has marginally more experience, or at least more experience working for an actual NFL team, grudgingly. i don’t like former Ravens being involved with things. Although I guess Trent Dilfer is funny enough, in principle, to overcome the fact that he won a #$*$ super bowl for Baltimore.

    I’ve been disappointed with Geraard Warren since his almost-feud with Mark Brune;ll and Tom Coughlin never really g caught on.

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