Sabermetrics is just another word for nothing left to lose

Stop rubbing your orange hatchetface on the computer, cat. Not stopping. I was going to write several thousand words about how I had a fevered premonition (seems to be the only kind I ever have) about how the Texas Rangers are going to ruin, in an emotional capacity, for me personally, the months of october and november by winning at least one and possibly as many as three playoff series. I still might do that, but later on, Pete realized that the Rangers still don’t have any starting pitching, so it doesn’t matter that their entire infield could hit 30 HRs each and they have the Tex Nix. What am I going to do is post notice that it is Time To Talk About Baseball more or less constantly until next November. At which point we can stop to talk about football, briefly, and then not speak for some time. I have to go, I have a headache and I want to read instead of wasting my time with this shit.

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