Seems like everybody else is busy looking into the future, for whatever reason, so I figured I would spend sometime looking into the mule-colored past. by which I mean i am going to, piece by piece, compile a people’s history of my own blog, complete with a glossary of terms and inappopriate religious iconography. That’s just something for you to look forward to, or look forward to avoiding, as you deem necessary.

from roughly 10:12 to 10:39 this morning I was sitting in the exact middle of the No 6 Bus listening to Wowee Zowee very, very loud and reading a scene in a book. the scene entailed a recalcitrant child being whipped with a harness strap for hours on end because he refuses to learn the catechism. then he dumps out a tray of food in the corner and then later eats it like a hungry animal. I had a very bad hangover and a weird vibration somewhere in the side of my mind that either the bus was going to drive off LSD into the lake and be torn to pieces by lake-dwelling giant alligators. so i got off the bus at Jackson literally wobbling out of pure terror. and my shoelaces came undone. but then the people at work gave me $150 for three weeks of work and it turns out that $151.25 actually cures hangovers and Faulkneritis. anyway more later, less now. We can make it.

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