like Columbus did

as an esteemed colleague pointed out earlier today and i will paraphrase, the only thing i’m prepared to address, in an intellectual capacity, at the moment anyway, is like shitty old cartoons. Not new cartoons. I finished that book about Sonny Liston and here’s what I came up with:

1. Nick Tosches probably needs to get cockpunched. I mean that in the friendliest way possible. I mean it. The friendly part, not the cockpunching part. I’m not sure about the first part anymore
2. Sonny Liston clearly like one of the best things ever to happen in America.
3. I am all in favor of the new “muhammad ali is overrated, both as a boxer and as a human being” angle. I will thank Nick Tosches for that. Taking the piss out of people should be the national sport. For some reason putting more piss into them seems more popular.

I tried to play video games today. I got distracted. I don’t know whether to take that as a sign of some kind of looming disquiet or that maybe I had just eaten 1.5 bags of Skittles (the blue kind — somehow tropical) and was going through some kind of manic episode. that was the first time i’d had Skittles in a while. Not clear why I visited the self-abuse on my head. This laptop keyboard is too small. Like each individual keyboard finger-receptacle is too small. This is boring. I should not, in hindsight, have taken a five hour nap from 7 pm to midnight. Which is why it’s 3:34 a.m. and I don’t get to go back to sleep. Go back to sleep.

Things are going to change around here? Are they? I need to get a real job. I don’t actually want one, is the thing.

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