Amory Blaine

Whatever powers this bitch (steam, my failures) seems to flagging a bit in the past one to six months. We play with pain around here. I was eminently prepared and qualified to share with you, in the old manner, some of my grievances with the Chicago Transportation Authority. I was also going to make a list with all the books I think I read last year and some short, profanity-studded snapshots of me reacting to them (the books, not the snapshots). I think I still might get around to that shit. What I had been about to say was that I was going to do those things, but thenI found out that the Cavs were on ESPN. But then the game was just hitting halftime. So, fuck you is my point.

Some things to know about your hero’s recent battles against the

1. Fuck the CTA as a staff, a record label and as a major public transportationary
The 6 bus: You used to be cooler.
The 8 bus: Fuck you
The 9 bus: Fuck you
The 21 bus: You do not exist
The 44 bus: Fuck you
The 55 bus: You made me wait 42 minutes the other night . Fuck you
Green Line: I can’t get mad at you
Chinatown Red Line stop: Quickly becoming one of my least favorites in the city. After the Sedgwick Brown Line stop, which I think exists just to make people feel bad by swirling together the worst yuppies money can buy with a rugged housing project.

These are not substantial criticisms, I know. I’m going to bust out the books I read last year list soon. I promise.

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