Grove Street for life

I started to read Homage to Catalonia. I am forced to concur with vocalized sentiments about the spanish civil war being “the most interesting major-studio war of the twentieth century.” also, George Orwell sounds like he was kind of a wanker en vivo. Although you’ve got to give him the continuation on figuring out how, if not quite when (what’s 21 years between friends) everything was headed south. I smell incense. Am I in college here or something? I’m not going to indulge any further in George Orwell fanboy shit. I don’t think I even qualify for that stuff. I need to drink something that’s not diet coke or coffee so my insides dont turn into graphite soon. We will be better in the future. Mostly I’m waiting for the Lithuanian chat line to wrap up so I can resume my MarioKhart dominance. I am wasting my life, incidentally, if you were wondering how to answer that question.

That whole shit where people are writing novels entirely in Instant Message conversations or as Food Nutrition labels needs to stop. I dont know that this is actually happening. Can I have a sandwich.

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