Feeling is always meaning

One, how old is Brent Musburger and how much should I be required to use terms like “dignified” or “leatherfaced” when discussing him?

Two, raise your paw if you personally were certified in the use of Microsoft Word by a temp agency in the O’hare crater this morning/afternoon. Also, and less depressing, is that I got an internship working for Billiards Digest. I don’t know why you would be particularly interested in knowing that. I have to finish my speculative celebrity fiction if we’re going to have time to talk later. The devil lurks behind MarioKart incidentally. Also, I have eaten exactly one thing that was not rice or bread or potatoes in the last three days. That thing was seven slices of American cheese. I guess I could count mustard and instant coffee in the non rice bread potato category.

This town is worn out, incidentally. I’m going to search for the sunshine one of these days. What else did I do: I read all but the last 14 pages of This Side of Paradise. It’s not actually very good, although you can sort of hearing gears clicking in F. Scott’s head for the later arrival of less crap writing. My best advice, in re This Side of P. is to read pages 0-99, and then skip directly to 238-260. It would help if I told you what version I was reading, probably. I haven’t listened to or even considered new music in three weeks. I’m still gnawing on Honky Tonk Heroes. and by gnawing you can understand that I mean ignoring. Trevor Linden is still on the Canucks? More importantly, a baseball note: If being Roger Clemens, aged 42 and insistent on not traveling on road trips, live German Shepherd sacrifices, etc, is worth $22million, how is AL Cy Young winner Baron Johan von Santana only asking for $6.8mil? Is it because the Baron von Santana is negligent or is it because Roger Clemens is actually the Devil. Like he files his horns off and is a walking personification of at least nine character traits that you get sent to hell for (greed, sloth, not forgiving people, being on the Yankees, being from Texas, goatees, naming your children weird names that all begin with K, having a wife that gives me the creeps, being on the Astros, ransoming trades, hunting minorities for sport) Actually the Devil. Think about it. It’s frightening. I need a nap.

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