you got a knife, yes i’m gonna scrape it

Math is hard bitch. At great pain the new grill of the blog is constructed. And when we say great pain, we mean that I just borrowed it wholesome from some guy. Regardless of etiologie the banana nutriment-reading massive can now positively wallow in two-column white-space-heavy and also, briefly, in the rugged artist’s depiction of our man Billy Crudup as Prefontaine. I don’t know that the banana nutriment reading economy is what it once was or could be. In fact I’d like to take a straw poll:

Are You A Person?
Do You Read This Still?
Should I Do Anything Differently?

Notes from moral relativist’s Christmas shopping:
Waldenbooks: Not for people who actually like literature (but not english grad students)
The shitty beard grow to hide acne: You’re treating the symptom and not the disease
There is a store that only sells calendars at the mall

3 thoughts on “you got a knife, yes i’m gonna scrape it”

  1. I read this blog for posts like the one below. Bravo. Excellent work. See Queens Chronicle, 11/11/04, “From Riker’s To Wackenhut, The View From Behind Bars,” by Bryan Joiner to know where you *may* be taken if your snooping around is construed as some sort of evil eastern European spy plot. Good luck on not getting jailed, but as long as you’re not jailed, please continue the posting.

  2. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Any and all reviews of food are superfluous and unnecessary. Fashion is also probably unnecessary, excepting items with easily accessible web pictures which we can use as the basis for our own evaluations. Reports of work-related drudgery is the ne plus ultra of the blog universe, as 99 and 44/100 per cent of all blog readers are trying to avoid drudge-related work.

    ps yours is the most interesting of the Produkts ‘family’.

    Signed, your loyal reader(s?).

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