i bought an A to Z guide book, trying to find the clubs and YMCAs

As the geese head southward (ed- this may have happened months ago. author did see what he took to be geese headed sort of SSE while travelling last week) and Mike Fratello reclaims the helm of power in the southlands: I’m in Chicago (Pilsen). As i’ve noted to several people about the current emotional weather in chicago, being here right now feels like wearing dirty underpants. i’ve tried on a couple different elaborations of the dirty underpants construct, ranging from a pair of your own that you wore two weeks ago, to a pair of mystery underpants of unclear provenance. i don’t think, or rather i know there is not, much more illumination to be mined from the dirty underpants thing.

New Frontiers in football as symbol of american cultural majority psychology

for the first time in a long time, i have to suppress the instinct to just transcribe song lyrics in lieu of actual sentence-based speech action. this is a step in the right direction.

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