Complex moral issues

Who’s excited for tonight’s premiere of House MD! Blarrrrpth. I surrender.

acceptable themes for future novels:
1. “moral ambiguity”
2. game theory
3. how to reconcile spiritual and mechanical world
4. paul giamatti
5. lee ving / fear
6. Spiderman India
7. ” man with too much love” ?

I went to see Sideways, which was sort of depressing, except for the parts where they threw in potty-talk and sexual depravity to keep Theiveland Heights film villains subdued, which brought chuckles and an awareness that everyone else at the 1:55 (why not 2, or 1:50?) p.m. was at least 132 years old and probably drunk on a breakfast of metamucil, acorn squash and brandy (a cocktail known as the Matterhorn in these parts), and they wanted to see Lowell from Wings get real live. I haven’t seen any of dude’s other movies except for Election, but I offer the following insights:
In re the score: guitars. have you heard of them. blink once for yes. the 1% milkfat small curd jazz is no longer an impact player for team. mostly this film was a showcase for Paul Giamatti and that weird thing where the inside of his mouth is smaller than the outside of his mouth. keep your eyes peeled for A. Bartlett Giamatti cameo. As for the movie, you get your paul giamatti’s long dark time of the soul combined with the sexual escapades of Lowell from wings, who deserved (slightly) better than the lot that befell him. i think. don’t quote me on that. i have to go.

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