run mascara

i think i stayed subverbal long enough for the election shit to boil over, crust to the bottom of the pan, go through the “in four years…” and “democrats must do ___” and “insert name of cycle” cycle, et cetera. here’s what i can tell you: i’m registered to vote in ohio and i didn’t vote. did this wind up mattering? yes and no. do i feel bad about it: only sort of. i can get in to that in greater depth at a later date (translation: either i feel guilty or i don’t care. ask me in person to find out).

one of the few things that i am proud of in ohio elective democracy: Berea OH was one of two westside suburbs of cleveland/voting wards to rejekt issue one (gay marriage ban– which passed statewide by a wide, wide margin). word to berea and bay village on that one. i would also point out, as the plain dealer’s article did, that wards of east cleveland where kerry support was over 90 percent in favor of an unnecessary, hate-driven ban on gay marriage. i try not to be political. and i succeed for the most part, but the superfluous gay marriage ban in 1/5 of the US thing makes me want to vomit up my asshole. WHY CAN’T GAY PPL GET MARRIED? first person to satisfactorily explain this gets nothing at all.

what else: so i’m in kleveland momentarily pending triumphal chariot-mounted return to chicagoland area. i have perpetual moments of doubt about these sorts of decisions, moving from place to place. reality or remembrance thereof indicates that i would probably be amenable to living in any city where i have a full-time job that doesn’t make me want to die; remembrances of history indicate that those preconditions have never successfully existed. nonetheless, the underlying reasoning is still that of striking out for the main chance– if somebody else builds it, i’ll come. obviously i’m climbing out of some kind of toilet-looking drain of despair in recent months; i like NY a lot, but not enough to put up with retarded prices and a lot of scum. i define scum broadly, incidentally. we’re going to spend a lot of time thinking about things here until i can get back to living the lifestyle to which i’ve become accustomed. so either prepare or opt out. or neither. i’ll likely forget the pledge. alls i know for tonight is that i was probably the first person in a long time to drive through thugcentric east cleveland listening to “planet earth” by duran duran. this fact is of little comfort. i’m going back to reading.

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