i don’t do too much gambling, these days

rely on the new yorker to keep things in perspective:
“The Republicans had explained [George] Soros’ involvement with simpleminded shorthand, suggesting that he wanted to buy the White House. But Soros’ buying habits, like nearly everything else about him, were complicated. El Mirador (palatial estate on L.I.), for instance, was large and elegant, but it wasn’t perched on the beach, and it barely had a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Maybe this is supposed to be a joke; i rooted around for a way that it might be a sly joke on the writer/editor’s part. I don’t think it is. this isn;t exactly a capital offense, but god is in the details nee.

i’m getting tired of waiting to celebrate john kerry’s will to power. the nytimes and ron suskind did their thinwristed best to stab Bush in the back today, basically claiming that republicans, at least the ones who don’t have burning jesus in their head, don’t even like bush anymore. i need to stop reading this crap.

other observations: this ohio state season. Never happened. same goes for the ALCS. I’m freezing and I think i have a head cold. i’m going to go get down tylenol sinus stylee and read.

One thought on “i don’t do too much gambling, these days”

  1. i think every red sox/kerry supporter in the country feels pretty much the same way… completely sick over the way things have gone in the past, still reeling from the past few days, and hopeful for the future. i, for one, have been a useless human being for the past few days because of all the drama.

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