quiet, reflective Midwesterner adrift in the lurid East

jay fiedlera.j. feeleyfeely
jay fiedler. a.j. feeley. so, logically, jay feely
there might be something better for me to be doing, really, but i’m not sure what it is! also, late fees are bullshit. if someone didn’t have enough money to pay something on time, why would they have more money to give you afterwards. i complain only because i paid some bills to day, and, frankly, i should have paid more of them on time. not important. be on the lookout for some drastic reorgnization of principles in this bitch. actually, you wouldn’t be able to tell where the blog was geographically located, if that changes. but yeah. maybe i don’t like new york (or 99.4% of new yorkers) very much. what would you do, if that were the case. never mind that crap.

RIP to ken caminiti/jacques derrida/christopher reeve. i’ll have some more thoughts on ken caminiti in a minute. or later.

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