i said a banana nutriment (?)

i wrote it on the paper. well, i think the leitmotif is shifting again. for most of the summer, the leitmotif of my life was people with weird hands. then it shifted to dead pigeons, but then there was a dead rat. right now, if i had to post odds on what the ascendant thing that keeps happening and hints at underlying entropy: overly friendly retail personnel? i don’t know. who’s going to watch the vpdential debate? i think baseball is better. but i would like to point out that i spent part of my walk to train this morning thinking about the best way to describe this debate and what i came up with is: cokehead andy griffith vs. skeletor’s nephew.

One thought on “i said a banana nutriment (?)”

  1. the leitmotif of my life recently has been dead squirells. i’ve seen 3 in the past month and the last one i saw was not even run over, it was just dead, on the side of the road, with blood coming out of its mouth.

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