invisible italics

things i managed to involve myself in, mostly in a perpendicular sense, on my way to work this morning:
1. incredibly, horribly loud train brakes. see 1a. this was followed with a soupcon of incredibly loud truck brakes, and preceded by the incredibly loud re-shingling work (or whatever the fuck it is they’re doing) on the queensboro bridge. and i was also inadvertantly exposed to some fucked up looking kid’s heavy metal music on the train. and i accidentally elbowed a short woman on top of her skull while being bulldozed by egressing f train passengers. i apologized but i don’t think she was pleased. or conversant in the english language.

1a. Everything in new york is louder than it needs to be. what to do: i’m going to start a letter writing campaign. and by letter writing campaign, i mean i’m going to get the fuck out of this city at some point in the not that distant future.

2. to make up for the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s failure to not give me a headache this morning, there was a parked bus with a six-foot tall stuffed lion sitting in the driver’s seat right at the stop i get off at. the lion is dressed like a bus driver. i will get a camera and document this.

sports fashions of the weekend:
Penn State No. 12 Kerry Collins jersey
Guy wearing baseball jersey that just said “KLINGON” (w/matching baseball hat. he was also wearing cowboy boots. and huge diamond earrings. which could also have been Klingon themed on closer inspection. or not).

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