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theo ratliff
the red baron
“As a neuropsychologist, I always get irritated when Hollywood movies depict someone being hit in the head, falling down, then shaking their head and all is fine. That isn’t how it works, and the Red Baron’s case shows those long-lasting effects.”

why these people, who presumably have been educated at great expense to the state of missouri, are worried about whether or not a guy who died 90 years ago was already suffering from brain damage at the time of his death, is beyond my grasp. not that i don’t think what they did is awesome. on such a pointless note, i am going to start keeping a journal of the jerseys i see on the streets of NY.

tuesday, sept 20 AD 2004
Washington Square, 1845h
Atlanta Hawks No. 42 Theo Ratliff
Record store clerk, 1900h
Cleveland Browns No. 2 Tim Couch
4 platform, 1915h
Atlanta Hawks No. 44 Alan Henderson

i bought headphones for $2 at a store near the office. i also purchased the worst falafel i’ve ever had for not much more, as well as some mediocre pastry. this morning i saw a house that appeared to have a child-size robot statue garden, featuring a small version of the robot from Rocky IV, a Power Rangers doll, and another slightly smaller, chrome child robot. and yesterday i bought a novelty t-shirt, for the first time since i was 12 and i bought a metallica t-shirt. it’s green and it has some sort of inscrutable picture of steve marriott playing a guitar. and then it says “STEVE MARRIOTT” in bubble font. ah, i’m dumb.
steve marriott

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