I am told by our meme engineer that this bitch has taken wing. if you are looking at, and seeing weird white and greeny things, then we have taken wing. leave comments with your opinions which will not be considered. i woke up at 6:25 antemeridian and exercised this morning. someone please mail me a copy of Last Train to Memphis, i don’t really have time to track one down on my own. I read the entire NY Times this morning (editor’s note: you read most of the first two sections and sort of skimmed the rest) and I don’t think i need to do that anymore. i got a cup of coffee for 50 cents at a bodega. there were screaming children on the train. now i will enter information about appliances into a computer until my soul starts leaking out of my eyes. 15 minutes down, 8 h 45m remaining, minus 1h for lunch. i’ll be going to a bagel shop today. daunte culpepper is a bitch. i went 4 for 16 in my NFL picks league this week. i say this only so that i might mention that my picks team is called Citizen Kanell. the Browns are playing the Giants this week so it’s going to be on TV: i mention this only in reference to the two year anniversary of the dwyane rudd helmet toss/still being in college and working on the maroon and the one year anniversary of the one year anniversary.

POSTSCRIPT: I think Moacir has managed to work things so that the damage I have done to my own blog has been undone. I am just learning how to use WordPress so this shit will start to look less crappy in its own time. As for right now, enjoy earthtones and as always, I am a bear/do not fight me.

2 thoughts on “Defeat”

  1. is this better? i don’t get why you switched. i nodded to carlos delgado today, while he had his son hanging off of his neck. i wonder if that was his wife standing there; she isn’t what i would have expected.

  2. I am told by my girlfriend that it would be a good idea to send you and Ben a care package. I don’t kno whether I was supposed to talk about that, but I think my point is we could probably include Last Train to Memphis as well as the in some ways superior Careless Love. I think my further point is that if you want to read it soon you should tell me not to send it and get it from the New York Public Library yourself, and otherwise wait on it from Chicago.

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