the meanings of christmas

Some procedural notes as always before the floor is opened:
If anyone is interested in the semi-permanent (by which I mean permanent) care and feeding of the former wiry cat, make yourself known. i would only recommend this course of action if you have met wiry cat and enjoyed here company. if any such persons exist, again, make yourself known. otherwise, i think i have to get rid of the cat. moving the cat to new york presents several challenges, mainly the process of moving the cat to new york which would have to involve sedatives for the cat definitely and for me probably. and so the betrayal of the cat was completed. If anybody has experience with bloodless demi-continental cat interdictions, now would be an appropriate time to share, as I face my shame for a fortnight. what that means, in a conventional sense is that i will be in chicago very briefly around aug 22 to do some moving-related tasks. i doubt this will result in me having much, or any, time for hanging-out-themed activities. i’ll leave that to sometime in the autumn when i have a job and discretionary income and 100% less apartments to return to self-rule.

two, if anybody in chicago wants/needs any of things that myself or ben have/has in chicago (if these things are yours already and you just want them back, or if you have always secretly coveted my things and want them for the first time):

or, a partial list of things that i have that i wouldn’t be heartbroken not to have anymore (with % values representing their relation to brand-newness):
Turntable (90%) [the needle belongs to Sam, incidentally]
Cabinet speakers (75%)
Tuner/receiver (100%)
Cassette deck (0%) [visually appealing]
Free queenish-sized bed (45%)
Desk from Target (99%)
Liz’s dining room table and three chairs (100%)
The fourth (cat’s) chair (67%)
Most of these would be free for the hauling. I might trouble you for recompense for the turntable or desk, depending on how much I like you.
Assorted somewhat tasteful video collection (varies %)

Enough of that. I feel like writing, although I haven’t done much of that in the intervening 2 months. Not that I would term what was happening in this space before high culture. Now I went back and added some sentences to the preamble about the cat and I don’t feel like I have as much to say. I can expand on this in the future but for right now all I can promise is that I have some views, which might be termed as advanced, on the state of the American metropolis, as well as one brief dispatch from the strangely cold hearth of hipsterdom that is Williamsburg, several book capsules, canonical reviews of NY-area train-based trainsportation.

3 thoughts on “the meanings of christmas”

  1. I claim my table back. Will confer w/Whet about various other objects.

    We might be moving into a loft in Pilsen that overlooks an anti-gentrification mural. Remains to be seen for certain, though.

  2. Get a dang cat carrier and shove Mama in there for the ride, Pete. People drive/fly with insane animals in cages all the time. Okay, not all the time.

  3. pete,

    i did not give you mama cat so you could run out on her because you have emotional dissociation disorders that allow you to abondone her because her transport *seems* difficult.

    Cat sedatives are easy to administer and you dont need them if you drive. She will do just fine laying in the backseat if you walk her at a few truck stops. She prefers Iron Skillet[s] to Giant[s].

    That being said, are you moving to Chicago or staying in New York? Your post doesn’t really make it clear.

    I love you,

    -Jacob Harvey Isaac Raden

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