conspicuous consumption

Media I’ve consumed recently:
Garden State: One of the more awkward movies I’ve ever seen. it feels like the people making weren’t sure if it was OK that they were making it. it’s also weird and the plot makes no sense and ian holm’s way of playing a new jersey jewish guy is just to continue to have a british accent but to talk more quietly. also, method man had his oddest cameo appearance in a movie since Copland, when he throws some guy off a building, or possibly The Great White Hype, in which i think he gets into a fight with a midget. In this he plays a hotel bellhop who also runs a burgeoning sideline in porn distribution who also has contacts in the graverobbing and antique jewelry gray markets. he also has great need of containers of nitrous oxide. This might give you the impression that Garden State is creative or quirky, which I guess could be more polite ways of saying off-putting and unfinished. Deeply uncalled for. also secretly racist and natalie portman creeps me out now.

Before Sunset: When did Ethan Hawke’s teeth get so goddamn fucked up? Also, Julie Delpy, I don’t get it. I get it slightly more than I used to get it, but you are no Juliette Binoche. I don’t remember the chain of events that led to me seeing this movie but it was short enough and pleasant enough to leave me in a better mood than i when i started watching it, which admittedly is no great accomplishment because I was probably angry when i went to go see it.

napoleon dynamite: the new mormon cinema of self-hatred is starting to freak me out. i don’t even know if the guys who made this are mormons. but i feel like they are, or at least i want them to be, mormons that is. very funny though.

white jazz, by james ellroy: this book contains the following, that i know of: two instances of incest. four murdered dogs. at least 15 murdered people, one of whom was murdered with a samurai sword while the murderer, who was not in any way planning this murder, was under the sway of heroin or something like heroin, weird creepy peepers, like 7 prostitutes, 9 million crooked cops, and many many other terrible things. and somehow i find reading about these things pleasant, enervating even. weird.

the power broker, by robert caro: ok, so i’ve only read 31 pages. but they were an intense 31 pages.

barack obama: yee.

shea stadium: a dump.

more details as they become available

One thought on “conspicuous consumption”

  1. I would argue that the cop w/garbage disposal vs. low-level pimp scene in LA Confidential dusts the aggregate fucked-upedness of White Jazz any day. But there is far less lexical violence, so it goes down way smoother.

    Also, as incest-related novels go, White Jazz totally creams Middlesex, which is like a dumb impression of a good book.

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