(thank god i died in) the car crash

some readjusted assorted observations:
1. would have been better if michael moore left himself out of it. and what the fuck is wrong with his beard. seriously. how much worse could he look without that thing. i dont care if he has 4 chins, the beard is a goddamn crime against nature. please shave. and your movie made me cry. i don’t understand what your argument was. or if there was one, other than it sucks when people die and no one should ever die. and i dont understand why you were ragging on marine recruitment. also, i cannot believe that the military is mostly poor, undereducated minorities. i am floored. floored. i’d remind everyone that i’m still on michael moore’s side, so to speak, but i don’t, uh, understand what that entails. i guess it just means hating rich people? i don’t know.

2. they’re not actually going to make ditka run for senate, are they?

3. cafeteria food is quickly eroding my will to live. i think i’m going to start disappearing soon a la Act IV of back to the future.

4. diet dr. pepper: i changed my mind. you are a terrible beverage.

5. i haven’t had milk in 4 weeks. i think my femurs are starting to warp or something.

i hope i haven’t given the impression that i’m slowly becoming more dilapidated here during my state in the tristate area. i can offer the following list of things that are missing from my life:

a fair taco at my price (i recommend for everyoen to come down to the auction)
the cat
more people who know me
a subway system that i understand
melvin nieves family market
el ranchero brand tortilla chips, both the green and red kind
monolinguism (i like to think of spanish as english i can’t understand. thus, monolinguism)

side note: the red kind of el ranchero is secretly very, very good. they’re like libertarian doritos. shit. i don’t even understand what i meant by that.

what the fuck happened to allmusic.com? my head is on fire.

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