readjust your shit to day one, year one of the Podkolzinean Calendar. game has been switched. also, at some point yesterday i found myself politely yelling about how much i like toni morrison. which is weird. before i get to the emotional steak and shrimp, let’s check out the salad:

how the fuck did the astros get carlos beltran? why did the a’s give up good prospects in exchange for octavio dotel, aka the afro-hispanic arturs rhodes?

why was anyone surprised that a 5’11” point guard lasted 20 picks in the NBA draft? he’s not even TJ Ford, right? who knows these things. at least he’s not brevin knight. anybody remember brevin knight’s brother? is he still in college or something? doesn’t he have a weird name like Brontor or Brandrew or something.

also, i can’t decide if i am more excited about pavel podkolzine or RETIEF GOOSEN. look the fuck out.

things i have done wrong in the past 5 days:
1. ate cafeteria food
2. not gotten north of 115th or south of 100th st. this sucks i want to go someplace else so fucking much.
3. peanut butter fro yo.
4. watching sex and the city, even in passing. do girls actually watch this shit?

done right in the past five days:
that’s not important. i would linger with you all but i have been given my assignments: “I think the only moral reponse would be to fail (construe broadly).”

3 thoughts on “fptpptt”

  1. sex and the city is, for all intents and porpoises, insipid. peanutbutter fro-yo ranks closely with aforementioned show.

    Yesterday I bought figs at Whole Foods. They were $4.99 and worth every penny. I suggest that you find some figs and see what the fuss is about. they are best with honey.

    F. 9/11 is not as good a movie as Bowling for Columbine.

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