science too tight

some thoughts on hours 36-50 spent in NYC:
1. there are too many stores here. there are at least 029832 places to eat within spitting distance of the shit. my shit. i like it, i suppose. i also feel sort of stand-offish, like somebody’s trying to make me feel bad.
2. Central Park has large rocks in it. at least at 100th st. i also saw a guy making extended eye contact with his dachshund who looked at me askance (the dog did) and i went on my way. there was an unrelated three legged dog who was feeling good about shit at approx 107th street. on a final animal-related note, there are cats that just sort of sit outside shit and silently pass judgment on people on broadway, which is both great and totally stupid. put your cat inside.
3. i should get a thing for playing music out loud.
4. i had a pork chop for lunch.
5. i am having a hard time taking things seriously.

i will provide further insights, if you want to call them that, at a later point, now that i found the computer lab and such things.

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