do you take drugs danny?


“Bloom calls for further experiments to answer several questions: Can Rico learn a word for something other than a small object to be fetched? Can he display knowledge of a word in some way other than fetching? Can he follow an instruction not to fetch something?”

some thoughts on recent peregrinations:
1. i can’t remember if i posted about how last week i finally got a joke from the movie Mrs Doubtfire which i saw in 1994. well, i finally got the joke about the drive by fruiting.

2. do you have to go through some kind of screening process to be one of the crazy motherfuckers on CTA transportation? do you go to some warehouse at 95/Dan Ryan where a guy assesses your ability to talk to yourself and have a really fucked up haircut and no shoelaces? i’d like to find that place.

3. i put 0.13 dollars in the fountain at the harold washington library today.

One thought on “do you take drugs danny?”

  1. what up, my nicka?

    Why aint you at the party?

    I tried to invite you and Sam, but your email fuckin rejected me, bitch? Call 312 203 0023

    (ps yes im white and used the word nigger)

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