too much brandy

i bought these today. i dont know why. i think i was having an undetectable seizure or something. nothing exciting happens to me anymore. i haven’t seen one member of the clinton cabinet this week and i have only seen two professional baseball players in person in the past two days. that’s what happens when you spend your morning doing fucking homework. also, i went to the thrift store and got 3 shirts for $4.25. shirt analysts predict all of these shirts could theoretically be worn to work, if i so chose and if i had work the day in question. i dont mean to bore everyone with extensive examination of my shirts but i am really excited about the fact that i might have enough shirts to wear a different shirt for two business weeks. those same analysts also predict an appearance by the bernie kosar jersey in the next two weeks to prove to one of the people at work that i do in fact have a bernie kosar jersey. also, the indians sucked then were awesome and are now busying themselves with sucking again. i apologize for this blog being nothing more than a catalog of weird shit that happened to me on the street and color commentary on my shirts but i would also remind you that you knew what you were getting yourself into when you signed on to this project. at least i stopped systematically rating crazy street people.

[ben’s] going-away festivities are going to take place at The Gingerman Tavern (3740 N. Clark St.) a week from tomorrow, so Friday, June 11th. This would also sort of be a going-away party for Pete Beatty [me], who is leaving town at the same time and for the same reason as me, but who will not be able to get the The Gingerman Tavern until at least 10 or 11 that night. [ben’s] plan is to get there early, like 6 or 7, and stake out a corner …

i realize this is in fact the night before graduation from the u of c. in fact, i’d expect that if you are graduating from college, you have much better things to be doing, such as the MSI night or doing whippets with your grandparents or something. what i mean is that this is by no means the canonical you-will-never-see-pete-again moment or certainly not the last time i’ll be drinking in a zip code starting with 6 (saturday, sunday, monday morning) so dont feel left out. but if you didnt get bens e-mail and arent precluded by other shit, come out on and meet the mets next friday. does anybody even read this shit?

One thought on “too much brandy”

  1. being illiterate, I cannot read your blog. however, I do look at the pretty colors on a regular basis.

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