i’m in love with a nerd

celebrities spotted 2004:
Rex Grossman
Brett Tomko’s car
“Torry Holt”
Gerard Warren
**** NEW *****
former cabinet member Robert Reich

2 thoughts on “i’m in love with a nerd”

  1. first of all, you forgot bob newhart. i also maintain that there is an outside outside chance that the tall, strong, well-dressed black man crossing fullerton that one time was frank thomas.

    second of all, i’m winning in the cars/vanity plate celebrity sightings department with the “Randa 95″/”Valle” combo. Please note, finally, that I saw two cars within 100 feet of each other with the respective vanity plates of “VIN 24” and “VINNI 23”

  2. dude, robert reich is pretty awesome. i saw him this year too. he is also a very small man. a man after my own heart, both in terms of height, and ideology. where did you see him?

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